Assistance for Ukrainian refugees

Become our partner in supporting Ukrainian refugess

All of the funds donated will be used to procure medical supplies, clothing, food, and shelter for refugees in Poland and Western Ukraine. Along with these procurements, funds will be distributed towards transporting mothers with children from the war torn regions to zones of safety.

The story behind the assistance

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, many families fled from the Communist regime of the former Soviet Union to the United States. Many of them now reside in the Portland metro area. As a result, we are a close knit community in this area.

What is our mission

When the war started in Ukraine, which is home land for so many of us, we came together to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians displaced by war. Many of these people are friends, former neighbors, and close family members.

Our partners in Ukraine and Poland

In response to the Ukrainian crisis, our church is partnering with Polish and Ukrainian churches to provide aid. Also, we are sending volunteers to provide help in the Polish refugee camps.

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